near venice

from a series of poems i wrote for my first and only creative writing class. i enjoyed the poetry unit despite myself. my professor commented once that i “was a natural.” maybe i liked it more then. i quite liked this one, anyway.

near venice we passed through empty,
broken, and abandoned streets.
city pushes locals back farther and farther
with the tide of tourists like us.

we stole away to the streets that night
on adventures that took us between
dark alleys and over fences, giggling,
every time we heard a car pass by.

beautiful empty city. moonlight twinkled
on still canals as gondolas bobbed softly
over lazy waves. a night so quiet; listen...
even the ocean whispers to us from here.

the empty, broken, and abandoned streets
flooded that night with the joy of youth.
golden as the sun ascending that morning
sprouting above the sea.

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